The Heritage Fund

A 501(c)(3) organization of The Atlanta Medical Association, Inc.

Who We Are


The Heritage Fund of Atlanta Medical Association is a 501-c (3) Tax-Exempt Organization making your contribution tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law. The Federal Tax ID number for the Heritage Fund is: 58-2372394.

The Annual Scholarship and Inaugural Ball is the major fundraiser for the Organization, which presents scholarships to deserving minority students at Morehouse School of Medicine, Meharry Medical College and Howard University College of Medicine.

What We Do

The Heritage Fund Officers

Shelby R. Wilkes, M.D., M.B.A


Cyril O. Spann, Jr., M.D., S.M.

Vice President

Millard J. Collier, Jr., M.D.


Jan Cecelia Kennedy, M.D.


The Heritage Fund Board of Directors

Julianne Adams Burt, M.D.

Adrienne Atkinson Sneed, DPM

B. David Blake, M.D.

William H. Cleveland, II, M.D.

Arthur Raines, Jr., M.D.

Erich G. Randolph, M.D.

Michelle Nichols, M.D.

Morehouse School of Medicine

Scarlet Pressley Brown, M.B.A.

Melissa Bishop-Murphy, J.D., M.B.A

National Government Relations & Multicultural Affairs

Making A Difference

The Annual Scholarship funds are distributed equally to each institution.

The criteria are

  • Long-term resident of Metropolitan Atlanta who has attended either high school or elementary school in Metro-Atlanta. If there are no qualified students from Metro-Atlanta, then we will accept students from other areas in the State of Georgia.
  • Financial need.
  • Scholarship.



The Edward William Nelson, M.D. Scholarship Fund was inaugurated in 2003 by Dr. Jane Nelson, M.D., a friend of the Atlanta Medical Association, to honor the memory of her husband, a physician, teacher and scholar of medicine. In addition to high academic achievement, the student must:

  • Be a native of Atlanta and exhibit a need for financial assistance.
  • The student, like Dr. Edward W. Nelson, must have a passion for learning, yet demonstrate a sincere respect for diversity in ideas, culture, beliefs, and active interests and pursuits outside of medicine. In her words, "the art of medicine is infused with an understanding of the human condition." Therefore, the recipient must be "preparing for both the science and the art of the practice of medicine...through exposure to the behavioral and social sciences and the humanities-the art, literature and music by which we express the messages of our spirits (our minds, hearts and values.)"

You Can Make A Difference

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